Step by Step: Corporate Video Production in Malaysia

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Step by Step: Corporate Video Production in Malaysia

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Step by Step: Corporate Video Production in Malaysia

This has been your pain point before you knew about corporate video production for our dear friends in Malaysia. Can you recall how many times have you had to promote your company to stakeholders, clients, and potential investors? Say 10, 20, 50 times till date? How many times have you wished if there was a multiple sensory method of getting the message across rather than just relying on PowerPoint slides, explaining 1 slide after the other, relying purely on the strength of your voice, and the strength of your creatively curated PowerPoint skills?

corporate video production malaysia

Corporate video production doesn’t necessarily need to be daunting.

Now imagine, all those text, images, charts, and portfolio, coming alive. Wouldn’t you love that? Being able to tell your story via an exciting video. Engaging your audience’s sight and sound sensory. This is exactly why you need a corporate video. Capture your audience’s attention from the get-go, engage them with a video about your company for a good 1-3 minutes, and let the video answer their most basic questions about you and your company. Here, we want to let you know how you can be your very own corporate video producer!


In this article, we will take ABC Warehouse SDN BHD as an example to help you understand better.


Step 1: Get your content ready

In our industry, we have an age-old saying, “CONTENT IS KING”. This saying has never been wrong. Content in corporate video production refers to anything and everything about your company that you want your audience to know. ABC Warehouse SDN BHD wants to start arranging their content. Their corporate video is along the lines of “ABC Warehouse SDN BHD has been established for the past X years. They started their business with X amount of staff. The size of their warehouse increased from XXXsqft to XXXXXsqft in just 5 years. They have a very systematic method of managing storage as they are using XXX software and hardware. ABC Warehouse SDN BHD has serviced close to XXX clients, with big names like X SDN BHD, XX SDN BHD, and even XXXSDN BHD.

Now that you have a story in mind, time to collect pictures, testimonies, videos, drone shots, and also a written excerpt from your clients as a testimony.


Step 2: Review your story

Sometimes, you won’t have the necessary assets because of multiple reasons. So, go back to your story and review it again. You don’t have a budget to produce a drone shot? Lucky you, we have enough talent in their bag to get you the shots for an extremely affordable price range. No one company should be left behind as drone shots are now a staple shot for all corporate videos in Malaysia and globally. Sometimes you don’t have pictures from your previous building, or you don’t have enough pictures to showcase the old you. Worry not, this is where you can represent it in so many different ways. Graphics can help articulate this message. Once you have found alternatives to complete your story, lock it down and don’t change it further.

Step 3: Shoot the necessary shots

As professional as we are, we have on multiple occasions, use our smartphones to record video shots. Smartphone cameras are extremely advanced these days, professionals are using it to produce movies. Here is an example

corporate video production malaysia

Smartphones are extremely advanced these days.

If you are a small company, or a startup, my advise is to shoot a really short corporate video production initiative. You are your own Steven Spielberg, and you are your own editor. Get as many of your colleagues involved and this can be a really exciting teambuilding initiative. Avoid shooting in dark rooms, as this requires a professional lighting setup.


Step 4: Doing short interviews

Short interviews are a great way of establishing the human factor of your business. However, many corporate videos get this wrong. Here are some DON’Ts we practice at corporate video production projects. To start off, always always always ensure your interviewee writes down his interview answers by himself, using his own preferred method of answering. Everyone has a distinctive way of speaking, hence why it’s easier for them to memorize their answers if he wrote it down themselves. Practice many days in advance, because not everyone is a natural on camera. Without practice, you can easily spend half a day just recording the desired interview answers. Keep the interview answers short and sweet. Your audience only wants to hear about what will benefit them, so try to keep the questions and answers focused on that. When recording an interview, remember to do it in a quiet room. You can always add closed captions when editing the video, so if the audio quality is not at its best, the audience can always read. This is our signature move because you never know the quality of speakers at the venue you are required to play the video.


Step 5: Finally, your very own corporate video production Malaysia

Here comes the fun part, combining your footages, pictures, and interview videos together. Here is where you see all that hard work finally paying off. The euphoria is so great, you will start producing more videos for your company. Voila, now you have an additional skill. So, where do you start? We love to start with music selection. We like to see music, as the backbone of our video. Music decides many factors, such as the speed of your cuts, and even the direction to which you want your audience mood to be in. Get yourself a youtube account, look for the “audio library” tab, and now you have yourself a music library to choose royalty-free music from, all at a price of only RM0! Play around and make a video that best suits your story.

corporate video production malaysia

Learn editing in your free time. There are ample of tutorials online.

We understand it might look daunting for a beginner but producing corporate videos can be an exciting side project you can indulge in your downtime, and will benefit your company in many ways. Don’t shy away from learning how to horn your skills in corporate video producing skills.


However, if you don’t have the luxury of spare time, and are looking for a professional fix, please do drop us your details below and we will get back to you soonest possible to discuss with you our grand idea for your very own corporate video production.

corporate video in malaysia


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